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When Babba Rivera hops on our Zoom call toward the end of October, the Ceremonia founder is wrapped up in blankets and looking cozy. She’s in her house in upstate New York, a place she retreats to on the weekends, and where she and her family carve out time and space for self-care and beauty […]

Home / Inner Circle Podcast / Sound Designer Scott Gershin, YouTube Copyright Strikes, And Ai Noise-Canceling Headphones On My Latest Podcast On my latest podcast episode: You won’t believe how much you’ll learn about movie post-production as award-winning sound designer Scott Gershin talks about how much time it takes to generate deliverables for a movie, […]

 Home Bobby’s Site Online Courses Inner Circle Podcast Music Production Blog Home / Uncategorized / Happy Thanksgiving And Thanks For Reading! November 23, 2023 in Uncategorized by Bobby Owsinski To all my friends and readers, I wish you a happy holiday. I truly appreciate your support and I am humbled and honored that you take […]

It wasn’t that long ago that record labels where fighting over artists who had their 15 minutes (more like seconds) of fame on TikTok. Large deals were handed out in hopes that the next wave of talent had arrived. The problem was that almost none of those deals ever worked out, as the viral music […]

Yes, we know, it’s not Friday. But holiday releases are tricky like that. When it comes to the big ones, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, days off from school and work means more butts in seats halfway through the week. The late-year holiday weekends are a total grab bag, offering broadly appealing films for the whole […]

I’m pleased to announced that my new Musician’s Ai Handbook is now available in both print and ebook versions. This comprehensive guide (already #1 on Amazon – thank you everyone!) shows musicians, artists, songwriters, producers, and anyone in the music business how to use artificial intelligence as a highly creative tool to generate new ideas, […]

Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music. This week’s list includes the latest from Dominican rapper J Noa, BIBI and Becky G’s cross-cultural collaboration, and Nicki Nicole’s sexy single featuring Bad Gyal. Also on the list: Joel Deleōn’s reggaeton romp, Matisse’s “White Christmas” cover with Ha*Ash, and Cami’s electronica-infused EP. Plus, Rauw […]

The holiday season is a time for gathering with our family, friends, and communities. As we get together with new and familiar faces, LATINA spoke with the creators of five card games built to create new relationships, deepen existing bonds, connect to our Latino cultures, and have fun. Over the past five years, these five […]

Tell me if you can figure this one out. YouTube made several announcements this week about incorporating Ai on its platform, but the announcements seem to be at odds with one another. The first one indicated that it would crack down on any Ai deep-fake clones that are uploaded, and the second said that it’s […]

We made it! We are officially making our way to the first, stacked-as-hell Friday of the Fall/Winter season. The late summer antics are over. From here to the end of the year, audiences will be all but guaranteed at least one masterpiece per week. For movie lovers, there’s nothing better than awards season. And with […]

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