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Noche Buena is all about celebration and great vibes, wrapped in the rich tapestry of aromas and tastes that characterize Latin Christmas traditions. It’s a special time of the year when you can gather with your loved ones, reminisce, and look forward to what’s to come. Part of what makes any Noche Buena so magical […]

In over 80 countries, Tata Harper Skincare has shown what it means to be a leader in the green and luxury beauty arena. The brand’s founder, Tata Harper, an industrial engineer by trade born in Barranquilla, Colombia, once laughed at the idea that natural and high-performance luxury skincare couldn’t possibly exist on the same scale. […]

Can you believe that it’s Episode #500 of my Podcast? To celebrate I have my very first guest from Episode 1, engineer Dennis Moody. Dennis is one of the few engineers who’s as comfortable in a recording studio as he is in a live concert setting. Likewise, he’s just as comfortable mixing a rock, R&B, […]

Music streaming platforms, especially Spotify and Deezer, are in an uproar over France’s proposal for a new music streaming tax. This could be a precursor for other countries trying the same thing, but it could also backfire on French government as well. The proposal calls for a 1.75% tax on music streaming, which doesn’t sound […]

Nothing breeds comedy better than adversity. Making it to the top often means digging yourself out of the hole. The deeper the hole, the longer the climb, and the stronger you are when you finally make it out. Very few comedians have had to follow the light quite like Aida Rodriguez, a Puerto Rican and […]

For many Latino migrants living in the United States, the only thing harder than making a livable wage is figuring out how to send some of it back to their families. Until recently, Latinos sending money abroad have been dependent on short-term banking solutions like money orders and check cashing, which sometimes comes with an […]

If you read just the headlines of posts and news stories, you sometimes get a false sense of reality, so when real research is presented, it’s often at odds of the facts that we think we know. One of those facts is the general perception that teens spend most of their time on TikTok. That’s […]

 Home Bobby’s Site Online Courses Inner Circle Podcast Music Production Blog Home / Inner Circle Podcast / Award-Winning Mixer Biz Morris, Ticketing Reform, And Rode Buys Mackie On My Latest Podcast December 14, 2023 in Inner Circle Podcast by Bobby Owsinski On my latest podcast episode: Grammy-winning mixer Biz Morris talks about why he […]

Pharrell Williams, Swae Lee and Rauw Alejandro have given us one of the most unexpected collabs of 2023. The musicians joined forces to deliver “Airplane Tickets” — a vibrant bilingual pop track. The single, which dropped on December 8, perfectly highlights all three artists’ unique sounds. The fashion-heavy music video offers aesthetics matching their respective […]

When Chef JJ Johnson released “The Simple Art of Rice” in the fall, his Instagram DMs were flooded with messages like, “Oh my God, you are really Puerto Rican.” The cookbook, spotlighting the grain’s versatility across cultures everywhere from Africa to the Middle East, opened a window into the James Beard Award winner’s Latin roots […]

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